Hi, I’m Rachel. I am a coach’s wife, a book marketer, and a plant-eater. I started eating a plant-based diet in March 2010, and I’ve found that bloggers are the reason I’ve been able to keep this lifestyle up for so long. I thought it would be fun to start a blog and share my successes and failures along my journey.

I’m not a photographer and only have an old point and shoot camera, so go easy on my pictures–I’m not trying to be Pioneer Woman or anything! I am hoping to learn more about photography through blogging, though.

My husband and I live in Small Town, Texas, outside of Dallas. We’ve been married since July 2007 and just became first-time homeowners. The hubs and I both started eating a plant-based diet after listening to Skinny B*stard on a long vacation drive. I picked it up from a limited selection of books on CD at the library, having no clue what it was about. After listening, we were both shocked to find out the health problems dairy and animal products could cause. And so it began, a couple of meat and queso-loving Texans gave it all up for plants. At home we eat 100% plant-based (no meat, dairy, or eggs), though we are flexible when eating with friends and families and out at restaurants, and the hubs has to be kind of flexible with his crazy coaching schedule sometimes.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

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