How Many Ways Can You Dress a Burrito?

Last week I wasn’t feeling very adventurous in my kitchen. I had some of Amy’s organic vegan frozen bean burritos and every time I went to my refrigerator, these things kept begging me to choose them. I know, frozen burritos are not exactly the material that are going to make a food blog wildly popular. But, day after day, I just couldn’t help myself.

How many ways can you dress a frozen burrito, after all? Well, let me tell you.

There’s the simple, yet elegant tomato paste and sliced avocado worn angled and slightly off the shoulder look–the perfect day look for a burrito. It’s not trying too hard, but it still manages to turn heads.

Then there is the Tomato Paste, Roasted Salsa Verde, and Green Onion look, paired with bright red pumps peppers. Tomato Paste is the little black dress of burritos, you know. This look says “I’m up for a good time, but don’t expect me to be here in the morning.”

Finally, we present the Left-Over Veggie Enchilada look. This is the perfect look for a business meeting. The muted colors and soft edges of the cooked veggies don’t call too much attention and using left-overs show that you’ll be conscious of things like budgets and the environmental impact our choices make.

What’s your favorite way to dress up a burrito?

I think I’m beginning to feel the strain of not living close to a better grocery store. Real grocery shopping requires a trip 20 minutes in one direction to HerbMart (love this little place–great prices on health food items) and then another 15 minutes to Kroger Signature, then another 20 minutes home. It’s a chore, I tell you, a chore.

On week two of groceries, the freezer was hit up. Week three (that’s this week), I usually finally break into the pantry and start using up my dried beans and things that require more preparation.

Do you go through cycles with groceries, too? Eating all your fresh food first, then to the convenient freezer food, then finally to the stock of dried goods?

Although grocery shopping is a bigger chore now that we live outside of the city, I still get to enjoy my country views.

Waking up to the morning fog makes it all worth it.

I’ve never seen a rainbow with such vibrant colors. I made my husband jump out of the shower to come see it.

Nature has given us such beautiful art in that sky this week. Last night God even put on a light show for us. We turned off all the lights and watched this incredible lightning storm until I finally fell asleep in Jared’s lap. It must have gone on for an hour or so. When I was a kid, we had a huge wall of windows in our house and I have some great memories piling up on my parents bed and watching lightning storms over the lake.

Has the weather been crazy for you, too? It’s almost the end of October and we had tornadoes and golf ball-sized hail not too far from us yesterday, the lightning storm, and then today the wind is blowing like crazy, yet I heard we may hit a record high of 90. That’s Texas for you.

About Rachel Randolph

Rachel Randolph is co-author of the book and blog We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook with her mom Becky Johnson. She lives near Dallas with her husband Jared and their toddler. Shocking their meat-lovin’ families, the couple decided to give up meat, dairy, and eggs in 2010. Rachel’s passion for cooking ignited as she set out to make vegan food taste delicious. She and Becky share a food blog (, where vegans and omnivores are both welcome at the table, and laughter and love are the key ingredients to every dish.
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2 Responses to How Many Ways Can You Dress a Burrito?

  1. Oh my gosh, that avocado made my mouth water! Sooooo going to scrounge around to see if I have one now…

    • Rachel Randolph says:

      I hope you found a tasty avocado. I bought some more yesterday, but they are not ripe enough yet. Waiting for those babies is the worst.

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