Lunch Dates for Z’Adventurous

Today started out cool dark and gloomy. I didn’t mind because it meant I could open the blinds without battling the laptop glare and Marvin, our big-boned cat, didn’t mind since I left the door open to let in the fresh air. He likes to be outside, but hates to be excluded from the activity. He gets the best of both world’s on mornings like this. Look how gloomy it is.

A day like this calls for Oh She Glow’s Pumpkin Pie Vegan Overnight Oats and after a restless night of sleep, I was so glad to see breakfast all ready for me when I woke up.

See link for recipe. I layered the oats with organic peanut butter, maple syrup, ground cacoa nibs (I grind the nibs b/c they are kind of bitter to bite into), roasted pecans, and dried cherries. I L.O.V.E this breakfast.

My day brightened even more when I got to have a spur-of-the-moment lunch with my friend Roxanne. I bought a Groupon a few months ago to a place in Uptown Dallas that I’ve been wanting to try called Greenz: Salads for Z’Adventurous. Made for a cheap date!

I think Roxanne ate the Spicy Panko Shrimp Wrap. I ate the Grilled Southwestern Wrap with breaded tofu, roma tomatoes, sweet & spicy tomatillo-jicama relish, spinach & romaine mix with cilantro-lime vinaigrette. Served with sweet potato straws. It was delicious, though I think I’d prefer sweet potato fries. The straws were so crispy you could harldy taste the sweet potato.

We shared the fruit cup for dessert. I was so eager to chat with Rox that I didn’t read the menu very well and notice that it came drizzled with cinnamon yogurt. It was still good, but I honestly was craving just some plain fresh fruit. These are times when I am flexible with my vegan diet. I mean, look how pretty this is.

Then Roxanne and I proceeded to stretch out our lunch for two hours talking about life, God, and of course food. I haven’t known Rox for long, but she’s one of those friends you just feel so comfortable with. Let’s just say we were smitten for each other from day one! She filled my cup, literally with Passion Fruit Iced Tea.

We both showed up in scarves, signs of our longing for fall, over our summer clothes, signs that we live in Texas and even on a “cool” October day, it reaches 80.

We enjoyed this lovely view on McKinney Avenue.

My hubby just came home with a 99.5 fever and a sore throat. Dinner was Amy’s Lentil Soup & Brown Rice Couscous for him and leftover Baby Lima Soup with Chipotle Broth for me with a cocktail of Meds and Vitamins for him and an immunity booster for me. I.Will.Not.Get.Sick.

Here’s to a healthy household!


About Rachel Randolph

Rachel Randolph is co-author of the book and blog We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook with her mom Becky Johnson. She lives near Dallas with her husband Jared and their toddler. Shocking their meat-lovin’ families, the couple decided to give up meat, dairy, and eggs in 2010. Rachel’s passion for cooking ignited as she set out to make vegan food taste delicious. She and Becky share a food blog (, where vegans and omnivores are both welcome at the table, and laughter and love are the key ingredients to every dish.
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8 Responses to Lunch Dates for Z’Adventurous

  1. Roxanne Rodriquez says:

    I don’t think you know what today meant to me! It totally refreshed me! You just personified Proverbs 11:25 for me! And the pics are perrrrfect! I actually wanna make the one with my meal my profile pic! GREAT JOB! Tell Jarred I hope he feels better! ❤ ya!

    • Rachel Randolph says:

      Back to you Roxanne. The word “refresh” kept coming to mind for me, too. I wish we could start every week with a long lingering lunch on a gorgeous day.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this picture-journal-recipe of your day. Since we can’t live on the same street or same town or state…. this is the next closest thing to chatting on the porch swing about your day.

    Roxanne sounds like a breath of fresh air and what a darlin’ pair of friends you make. I look forward to meet her when I come to see you!

    Love n’ hugs,

    • Rachel Randolph says:

      Can you imagine if we lived in the same city? We would never get anything done besides solving the world’s problems over lingering lunch and coffee dates!

  3. Jamie Patterson says:

    Loved it! The pictures were fun and the food looks fabulous ( along with the fabulous looking ladies of course ) …… I hope there’s more to come, Rachel!…I really like your motto too..Wow

  4. Grannie says:

    Hey, we’re bustin our buttons over here! Proud, proud, proud!

    Grannie & Daddy George

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